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Our company strives for proficiency and prolonged success in all endeavors, through an approach that is facilitated by innovation, sustainability, and user experience - all driven by a clear vision.

"with life"

The literal translation of "con vita" in the Italian language is "with life". Our company name truly embodies our approach to business, and life. There is a thorough and thoughtful analysis process before every decision we make, because all of our actions in our business and personal lives have direct and indirect consequences.

Through this calculated approach we have seen phenomenal results, and not just in the immediate future. These results are one of significance in the long term, creating an environment of positivity and development for years to follow.

At Convita we’re passionate about life. That means we do not glorify material abundance, revere the overworked stereotype, or sacrifice integrity for short term success. We strive for intelligent working processes, decisive actions, and a work-life balance that enables our clients and employees to enjoy the journey we are all on.


Not only is our integrity something pivotal to our business strategy, but it is at the core of our employees character. We take pride in being an entity that was created, and is constantly fueled, by the integrity and character of all of our employees, advisors, partners, and founders.

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